We go live......

This is the first blog post from Knoema after going live.

October 31, 2011 is a big milestone for all of us in Knoema. After almost a year of hard-work, sweat and planning we have made our presence public. It's not far back when we started talking about what Knoema is all about. We spent days after days on drawing boards discussing functionality, layouts, content and what not..... And today we have Knoema.

"Is it the same what was discussed a year back?" The answer is "NO". While we started development and the content creation, we never stopped asking ourselves the question is this what our user would want and kept the ideas always flowing. There are many areas where we lost the counts of reworks and refinements to get to this stage. In coming blogs we will be sharing interesting events and trivia that had significant impact on our approach.

Knoema offers tools to capture most aspects of a data life cycle: accessing data from multiple sources, bringing relevant indicators into a common environment, visualizing figures, applying analytical functions, creating dashboards, and presenting the outcome. We have plans to keep adding more features and tools to help our users in their data work.

Please use Knoema and help us improve our capabilities by sending us your feedback at feedback@knoema.com