Euro crisis - should Germany be the one to break out?

Over last few months the risk of Euro breakup has been one of the hot topics of discussion. Multiple organizations across the globe joining hands to respond to the crisis have so far not been very successful in jump-starting the Euro economy. The markets have been responding continuously faster than all these efforts together. 

Knoema Team against Waterfall

This post is has a mix of fun and seriousness. The fun side is about the way we spent yesterday. After working hard for months towards making the first public version of Knoema, the entire team was taken for a retreat and a fun trip to Shivasamudram Falls, close to Bangalore where our team is located. This place is spectacular and worth a visit. Waterfalls are awesome, very refreshing and fun to stay in.

Living beyond means

What really went wrong with Greece!!!....

Greece has been living beyond its means for more than a decade. The Greek government kept borrowing heavily and was on a spending spree after it adopted the euro. After being bailed out twice the debt-strapped country is going to be bailed out once more by a rescue package by European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Public spending has been on a rise and on the other side the income has big dent due to allover tax evasion.

Many other countries in the Europe have a similar pattern like Greece, where they have huge debts and experienced high rises in the wages. The economic turmoil is making it difficult for the repayment of debts and high wage level in these economies are making them less competitive. Surprisingly the key economies in Europe are having not only very high debts but also a high debt per capita, almost comparable to the United States.

Oranges, limes and sweet limes

Yesterday Balaji, Rahul and I were having a lunch together. At some time Rahul took a fruit out of refrigator which was looking like orange, but he said it's lime, sweet lime. For me it was something new so I asked what is the difference. Nobody was able to explain clearly and discussion switched to oranges somehow. I mentioned that very likely no oranges are produced at production scale in my country (Russia) because of its tough climate. We are nowhere close to climate in India, may be just a few areas like Sochi - the capital of future 2014 winter Olympics. Then suddenly I realized that Knoema can be a good thing for casual discussions like this one.

Death while making Powerpoints

All of us have heard the popular saying “Death by powerpoint”, but not many of you will associate yourself with “Death while making powerpoint”.

This is something very common with people who primarily work with data and need to prepare data intensive powerpoints either for themselves or for their bosses. Many times, these presentations contain tons of charts and tables with data, which gets updated monthly, weekly and quite often daily. Imagine the time and effort it takes to recreate and check the content of these presentations every time when there is a data update.

Vladimir and I share more than three decades of experience working with data, data tools and data enthusiasts around us. For some time a few years back, I got the opportunity to work closely with the office of the CXO of one of the organizations. That’s when I realized the time and effort spent in making/updating the presentation every time when there is a data update. Occasionally things going crazy when the data changes happened today and the boss need a presentation tomorrow. Always wanted to solve this pandemic problem and finally Knoema gave us the opportunity.

Data update

206 datasets ~ 6,030,000 time series ~ 115,000,000 data points and growing

Our data team at Knoema is in a continuous process of bringing in new datasets and updating to the newer versions. All the latest updates can be accessed using our "Dataset Browser". We have seven datasets published today:
Stay tuned for more.....

World reaches 7 billion

October 31, 2011 will always be remembered by us at Knoema, as the day when Knoema went live. Interestingly Knoema shares its day of birth with the 7 billionth baby born in Philippines.