Death while making Powerpoints

All of us have heard the popular saying “Death by powerpoint”, but not many of you will associate yourself with “Death while making powerpoint”.

This is something very common with people who primarily work with data and need to prepare data intensive powerpoints either for themselves or for their bosses. Many times, these presentations contain tons of charts and tables with data, which gets updated monthly, weekly and quite often daily. Imagine the time and effort it takes to recreate and check the content of these presentations every time when there is a data update.

Vladimir and I share more than three decades of experience working with data, data tools and data enthusiasts around us. For some time a few years back, I got the opportunity to work closely with the office of the CXO of one of the organizations. That’s when I realized the time and effort spent in making/updating the presentation every time when there is a data update. Occasionally things going crazy when the data changes happened today and the boss need a presentation tomorrow. Always wanted to solve this pandemic problem and finally Knoema gave us the opportunity.

With the presentation manager capability in Knoema you can build presentations that are data live without any effort of recreation of content. Not only you can use the presentations as is, but you can download into powerpoint.
This is a very early version of our tool and we are in process of adding more features, please feel free to send all your suggestions at , helping us in improving the functionality.

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