Knoema Team against Waterfall

This post is has a mix of fun and seriousness. The fun side is about the way we spent yesterday. After working hard for months towards making the first public version of Knoema, the entire team was taken for a retreat and a fun trip to Shivasamudram Falls, close to Bangalore where our team is located. This place is spectacular and worth a visit. Waterfalls are awesome, very refreshing and fun to stay in.

Falls were a great place to have fun and recharge our batteries. The rest of the day we went at a resort nearby for lunch and had fun playing water polo using basketball ball.

The serious side of this post is linked to the word "Waterfall". The word "waterfall" has special meaning in an application development lifecycle and is contrary to "agile" development. For guys in development waterfall usually means slow, bureaucratic, predictable and expected to be better planned. Agile in contrary is fast, user-centric and flexible. For delivering the first version of Knoema, our team had to go through an extremely agile development cycle, with rapid prototyping, frequent brainstorming and discussions, almost no time ever wasted in documenting and proof reading. All the time we had was spent towards the product development and its improvement. Definitely at Knoema, we don't know what "waterfall" application development style is all about, but we do have the rigor, agility and power of a actual waterfall. The following picture proves it :-)

We are charged up and ready to surprise with new tools and features in Knoema. Stay tuned............

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