Oranges, limes and sweet limes

Yesterday Balaji, Rahul and I were having a lunch together. At some time Rahul took a fruit out of refrigator which was looking like orange, but he said it's lime, sweet lime. For me it was something new so I asked what is the difference. Nobody was able to explain clearly and discussion switched to oranges somehow. I mentioned that very likely no oranges are produced at production scale in my country (Russia) because of its tough climate. We are nowhere close to climate in India, may be just a few areas like Sochi - the capital of future 2014 winter Olympics. Then suddenly I realized that Knoema can be a good thing for casual discussions like this one.
I went here, tried "orange production Russia" in search and vooalya I got it:

I wouldn't say it's too much, but it's not zero as well. Then I proceeded to our Dataset Browser tool to compare it to India. I just changed country:

Then I have decided to figure out what are top 10 orange producers in the world and put the following chart:

To put the final touch I created a page combining all the charts above. Find it here.

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  1. Sweet lime is something very common and grown in south east asia and mediterranean region.