World reaches 7 billion

October 31, 2011 will always be remembered by us at Knoema, as the day when Knoema went live. Interestingly Knoema shares its day of birth with the 7 billionth baby born in Philippines. UNFPA launched a new resource - "7 Billion Actions" on this occasion.

Countries around the world marked the world's population reaching 7 billion Monday with ceremonies for newborn infants symbolizing the milestone. This historic milestone should also be taken as a warning that there are limited resources for too many human beings. The next couple of decades the focus for everyone will be shifting towards dealing with challenges for Food, Energy, Employment and Healthcare. Another billion people will be added in next 13 years, with the developing world population growing at a much faster pace than the developed world. About 140 people are added every minute in the developing world as compared to 3 in the developed world. It's expected that population of India is going to overtake China's in next 10 years. 

All the pages/dashboards in Knoema on this topic are available at Demographics.
Some interesting data visualizations on this topic:

1. Forecast of Number of people getting added every minute

2. Population race

3. Population density across the world

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