Major data update - December 20

Over last 2 weeks, we have published 25 datasets that includes Monthly Interest Rate updates from ECB/IMF, Economic Outlook-December 2011, Russian Regional Economic Monitoring and several datasets from OECD & African Development Bank:

New Datasets:
ECB - Long-term interest rate statistics for EU Member States, Monthly, Jan 1993 to Oct 2011, November 2011
IMF - Long & Short Term Interest Rates from Principal Global Indicators (IFS), 2011
OECD - Health Data - Non-Medical Determinants of Health
OECD - Health Data - Health Care Quality Indicators
OECD - Health Data - Health Care Utilisation
OECD - Health Data - Health Status
OECD - Health Data - Health Care Resources
IFA - IFA database 2011
FSSS - Russian Regional Economic Monitoring, October 2011
WB - World Bank Quarterly Public Sector Debt, October 2011

Updated Datasets:
OECD - Economic Outlook No 90, December 2011
EIA - International Energy Statistics, November 2011
UIS - UNESCO Institute for Statistics data, October 2011
UNSD - UN Industrial Commodity Statistics Database 2011
TI - Corruption Perceptions Index 2011
WSA - World Steel Production 2011, November2011
OECD - Annual Labour Force Statistics Summary tables Population and Labor 2011, November 2011

Datasets from African Development Bank:
AfDB Socio Economic Database 2011
African Development Bank, Country Database, 2011
Making Finance Work for Africa
African Development Bank, Food Security, December 2011
African Development Bank, Food Security, Prices, Monthly, December 2011
African Development Bank, Bank Operations 2011
AfDB Country Policy and Institutional Assessment
Africa Millennium Development Goals

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