Data update - March 11

Our dear users,

Here we're with monthly data update. Within past month we have published 27 datasets including 16 new datasets from Conference Board, Center for International Comparisons at the University of Pennsylvania (CICUP), University of Groningen, BAKBASEL & Thomson Reuters/University of Michigan and 11 regular datasets with annual/quarterly/monthly updates. 

Actually we did a lot more, but we would like to keep these exciting news for a while. Stay tuned for updates.

New Datasets
United Nations Global Economic Outlook, October 2011
Population living in slum areas, 1990-2010
State Personal Income accounts - Annual, Sep 2011
Financial Development and Structure, November 2010
Groningen Growth and Development Centre 10-Sector Database, October 2008
Penn World Table 7.0
Penn World Table - 1996 Benchmark Data
Systematic Banking Crises, June 2010
OECD Environmental Data - State of Wildlife Resources 2008
OECD Environmental Data - Use & Management of Wildlife Resources, 2008
Total Economy Database - Growth Accounting and Total Factor Productivity Country Details, 1990-2011, January 2012
Total Economy Database, Output, Labor, and Labor Productivity Country Details, 1950-2011, January 2012
Total Economy Database - Regional Aggregates, January 2012
Worldwide Governance indicators, November 2010
University of Michigan Indices
Index of Openness and sub-indices (areas), 2010

Annual updates
EC Energy Statistics 2011
US Census Bureau Telephones, Cellular Phones, and Internet users by Country for 1990-2009, 2011
Total labour force and agriculture labour force, annual, 1980-2020, January 2012

Quarterly updates

Monthly updates

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