Data update - May 15

More and more data! We have added another 61 datasets in the last 4 weeks on many new topics from various sources including the latest publication from IMF World Economic Outlook & World Bank World Development Indicators. Our regular monthly data updates covers on key topics on Commodity Prices, Consumer Sentiment Index and more updates from FRED

In addition to it, We have published more than 50 datasets that are India specific from key sources like Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation, Karnataka Guarantee of Services to Citizen, Census India, Office of Economic Advisor and others. 

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Key dataset Updates (8 datasets) 
World Economic Outlook, April 2012
World Development Indicators (WDI) & Global Development Finance (GDF), April 2012
Cost-of-production forecasts for U.S. major field crops, 2011F-2013F
Global Health Expenditure Database, 1995-2010
Car Production Statistics,1999-2011
U.S State Personal Income, Quarterly, March 2012
Resource Statistics, Machinery, December 2011
Forestry Statistics, January 2012

Newly Added (35 datasets)Hawaii Air Visitors Statistics, April 2012
Hawaii Monthly Economic Indicators, February 2012
Enterprise Surveys
Countries at the Crossroads, 2004-2010
The Global Integrity Report: 2011The Open Budget Index
IDA Resource Allocation Index (IRAI) - 2010
Country Programmable Aid (CPA) Data Series by by Sector from 2004 to 2010
Country Programmable Aid (CPA) Data Series by Donor and Country from 2000 to 2010
UK National Statistics - Registration of Life Events, 1850-2010
Freedom of Information, 2010
Sustainable Governance Indicators, 2009-2011
SIPRI Military Expenditure Database, 1988-2011
Detailed Years of School Completed by People 25 Years and Over: 2000 to 2011
Mean Earnings of Workers 18 Years and Over, by Educational Attainment, Race, Hispanic Origin, and Sex: 1975 to 2010
Percent of People 25 Years and Over Who Have Completed High School or College, by Race, Hispanic Origin and Sex: Selected Years 1940 to 2011
Years of School Completed by People 25 Years and Over, by Age and Sex: Selected Years 1940 to 2011
International Macroeconomic Data Set, 2011
Milk production costs and returns per hundredweight (cwt) sold, by States, Estimates - 2005 base & Estimates - 2010 base
Milk, Cost of production by size of operation, Estimates-2005 base & Estimates-2010 base
U.S and Regional Cost and Return Estimates for the Most Recent 2 Years, 2009-10
US Whitehouse, Outlays for Budget Enforcement Act Category, Mandatory and Related programs and Discretionary Programs ,1962-2017
US Whitehouse, Outlays for Payments for Individuals for Fiscal year: 1940-2017
US Whitehouse, Outlays for Physical Capital, Research and Development & Education and training for Fiscal year: 1940-2013.
US Whitehouse, Total Outlays For Grants to State And Local Governments By Function And Fund Group, 1940-2017
Statistical Capacity

Monthly data updates (18 datasets)
Federal Reserve Economic Data, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, Interest Rate - Monthly Update, April 2012
Federal Reserve Economic Data, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, National Income & Product Accounts: Annual, Quarterly & Monthly Series, April 2012
Federal Reserve Economic Data, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, Population, Employment & Labor Markets - Monthly Update, April 2012
Federal Reserve Economic Data, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, Production & Business Activity, Annual, Quarterly, Monthly & Daily Series, April 2012
Federal Reserve Economic Data, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, U.S. Trade and International Transactions, Annual, Quarterly & Monthly Series, March 2012
Federal Reserve Economic Data, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, US Regional Data - Monthly Update, April 2012
Federal Reserve Economic Data, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, US Regional Data (County wise) - Monthly Update, April 2012
Federal Reserve Economic Data, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, US Regional Data (MSAs)- Monthly Update, April 2012
Primary Commodity Prices, April 2012
Property Price Statistics, March 2012
Prices for Platinum group metal, Apr 2012
Surveys of Consumers, April 2012
Surveys of Consumers, March 2012
World Bank Commodity Price Data (Pink Sheet), April 2012
World Steel Production 2012, March 2012
Concentration and diversification indices of merchandise exports and imports by country, annual, 1995-2010, November 2011
Concentration and structural change indices of exports and imports by product, annual, 1995-2010, November 2011
Trade in services by category, Annual, 1980-2010, November 2011

India-specific datasets (50+ datasets)
Annual Survey of Industries ( Factory Sector) By States, FY2000-01 to FY2007-08
Annual Survey Of Industries (Factory Sector) : 2007-08
Foreign Trade : Overall Trade In Merchandise And Treasure, FY2000-01 to FY2007-08
Foreign Trade:India'S Foreign Trade By Chapters And Section, FY2006-07 to FY2008-09
Generation and Consumption of Electricity in India, FY2000-01 to FY2008-09
India - Total Registered Motor Vehicles in Metropolitan Cities, 2001 to 2006
India Automobile Production, FY2001-2002 to FY2009-2010
India Company Statistics, FY1999-2000 to FY2008-09
India Economic Census - Regional Distribution of Establishment & Workers, 2005
India Energy Production and Consumption of Coal, FY2000-01 to FY2008-09
India Mineral Production Index, FYI 2000-2001 to 2008-2009
India Petroleum Domestic Production & Consumption, FY2000-01 to FY 2008-09
India Regional Electricity Statistics, FY 2000-01 to FY2008-09
India Regional Mines & Minerals Production Statistics, FY2000-01 to FY 2008-09
India, Registered Motor Vehicles by States/Union Teritorries, 2001 - 2006
Indian Railways - Passengers and Goods Carried and Earnings Derived, FY2001-02 to FY2008-09
Indian Railways Statistics Summary, FY2001-02 to FY2008-09
Indian Railways, Accident Statistics, FY2001-02 to FY2008-09
Industry-Wise Off-Take of Natural Gas, FY2000-01 to 2008-09
Inland Trade: Movement of Certain Principal Articles by Rail and River between the States and Chief Port Towns, FY2000-01 to FY2008-09
Mill Production of Selected Items (Regional), 2012
Revenue from Road Transport, 2001 to 2007
State Run Transport Statistics by State/UT, 2001 to 2005
Strength of Indian merchant Shipping Fleet & Share of Indian/Foreign Flag Vessels in the overseas cargo Traffic Handled at Ports.
Trade of Principal Articles, FY2006-07 to 2008-09
Trade: Value of Imports and Exports, FY2000-01 to FY2008-09
Key Indicators for Meghalaya from NFHS-3
Meghalaya Census 2001
Karnataka Groundwater Quality Data, 2004
Status of water supply, wastewater generation and treatment in class-I & class-II towns in India
Total Sanitation Campaign in India, 2001-2012
India Wholesale Price Index (WPI) data, till March 2012
Index Numbers for Exports & Imports, FY2000-01 to FY 2008-09
Performance of Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), 2000-01 to 2008-09
India Economic Census - Size of Establishments by State/UT, 2005
India Population Projection, 2001 - 2016
Planned regional expenditure in the eleventh five year plan, FY2004-05 to FY 2006-07
India Census Data, 1901-2001
India Zone-wise Tax Revenue and Duties from 2006 to 2010
India - Plan Outlay/Expenditure for Public Sector by heads of development, 10th & 11th Five Year Plan
India - Balance of Payment - External Assistance Authorization & Utilization, FY2001-02 to FY2009-10
India Direct & Indirect Taxes - Value Of Imports, Import Duties Collection And Collection Rates, FY2000-01 to FY2009-2010
India Direct & Indirect Taxes - Collection Rates by Import Group From 2005 to 2009
India Life expectancy, 1987-2006
Five Year Plans, 1951-2012
Horticulture - Area, Production and Productivity Statistics, 2009
India - Agriculture Index Number Of Principal Crops, 2009
India Mortality Database, 2001 - 2008
India Agriculture Statistics, 2009
India Fisheries Statistics, 2009
Export of Horticulture produced in India, 2009
India Regional Production of Milk, Wool and Eggs in India, 2009
Incidence of Livestock Diseases In India, 2009
India - Regional Statistics on Livestock and poultry, 2009

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