Data update - May 22

We have added 25 datasets recently that includes 14 new Governance Statistics from various sources, regular commodity prices updates, updates from FRED and key Inflation & Industrial Production Economic Indicators from India

New Datasets 
Income And Asset Disclosure, 2008
Fragile State Commodity Price, Monthly Statistics, February 2012
Asian Barometer, 2005-08
Arab Barometer, 2005
Bertelsmann Transformation Index, 2012
World Press Freedom Index, 2009
Public Investment Management (PIM), 2010
Fragile States - Socio Economic Database
Hawaii Monthly Visitor Statistics, 2007-2010
Wages and Employment, 2008
International Data on Educational Attainment (Barro and Lee), September 2011
India Road Statistics by Region, FY2000-2001 to FY2009-10
World Press Freedom Index, 2011
Detailed Years of School Completed by People 25 Years and Over: 2000 to 2011
Index of Industrial Production (IIP), March 2012
IIP (Index of Industrial Production), DIPP Items and Core Industries, February 2012

Monthly Update

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