Viz of the Day: Quick Stats on Africa

Africa is a continent with 1 billion people, which have an average income about $250 per person per month. African population is young and fast growing. More than 40% of people are under 14 years old and average annual growth of population is 2.3%. On average, every African women has more than 4 children.

Only 16% of population use internet. No more than 64% are provided by water supply and less then 40% of population have sanitation facilities.

Life expectancy at birth of average African citizen is only 57 years, from wich 47 years are expected to be а healthy life. 21% of population are undernourished people.

21 million people in Africa live with HIV/AIDS. And every year 1.3 million people die due to AIDS, and 1.4 million new and relapsed cases of tuberculosis are registred in African countries.

Demographics Telecommunications
Water and Sanitation Basic Health Indicators
Major Diseases Basic Education Indicators

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