Introducing World Data Atlas

Dear Users, 

Today is a special day for us because we would like to announce the most important feature we made available to you in last months. Since the very beginning we were pursuing two goals with Knoema: 
  • Make as much statistical data as possible with the broadest coverage available to our users 
  • Make it as easy as possible to utilize available data through visualizations, ready-to-use content and tools 
We learned a lot about our users since Day 1 and were able to identify some broad use cases we didn’t handle particularly well. Many users coming to Knoema were looking for basic statistics such as GDP or population of specific countries. Also there were users looking for information about specific country (like United States or France) and related datasets. And process of finding such information wasn’t extremely easy and straightforward. 

We decided to change that. Meet World Data Atlas. Key world statistics at your fingertips.

World Data Atlas is our new tool accessible through Home Page or directly at It expresses our vision toward providing basic statistics about the world and its countries and requires just a few clicks in most cases to get information you need.

Country profiles

It takes just 2-3 clicks to get basic information about any country. Simply go to Atlas page and you will see a list of world’s countries. Select any country in the list and you will be taken directly to country profile

The following information can be found on this page: 
  • Key information and statistics about country 
  • Links to websites of government and national statistics office 
  • Gallery of ready-to-use visualizations for selected country (if any) 
  • Links for most commonly used indicators on economy, land use, demographics, health, education, energy, telecommunication and military expenditures you can get detailed information for 
Click on specific indicator and you will see a lot of detailed information on it such as last value, description, its history visualized on chart and table. All this data can be exported in various formats like XLS or further explored in Dataset Browser. Finally you can embed entire page into your blog or external web site via Embed command. At the bottom of this page you can quickly navigate to related indicators through “See Also” section. 

The last option we provide in country profile is “Browse Datasets” button. If you click on it you will be taken to Dataset Browser displaying a list of all relevant datasets for selected country we have at Knoema. Here you can do further filtering by topic or source to find datasets of your interest. 

Maps and country rankings

In many cases people are not looking for information on any specific country, but for some kind of cross-country comparison for specific indicator like inflation or infant mortality rate. They would like to see leaders and outliers in specific category or identify trends. World Data Atlas provides 2 great tools for this. 

Go to Maps section of World Data Atlas and select any indicator from the list. You will be presented with interactive world map and selected indicator plotted across it. Here you can easily identify troubled countries or countries performing well. Maps can be also animated over time which is useful for identifying trends over time in specific regions. 

Another available option for cross-country comparison is country rankings. Go to Country Rankings section of Atlas and select any indicator from the list like for maps. All countries will be listed in the table and ranked by selected indicator. You can clearly see best and worst performing countries via Top 5 and Bottom 5 charts as well. Of course data can be exported and further explored while presentations can be reused as embeddable widgets.

Final notes

World Data Atlas is integrated with other tools at Knoema. You saw already how you can display a list of datasets for specific country by navigating to Dataset Browser from country profile. Another very useful integration we implemented is search integration. You can simply type country name in search box and you will be taken directly to country profile. Alternatively you can type country name and indicator and you will get quick stats from Atlas in search results as well if we have data for it. 

Today we released the first version of World Data Atlas. And we are looking forward toward the next wave of improvements already. We have a plenty of ideas to work on, but we would like to hear your feedback first. It’s very important for us since our development is highly influenced by our valued users. 

Please let us know what do you like or don’t like. Use feedback widget on our website or contact us at

And enjoy World Data Atlas!

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