Largest Exporters of Personal Electronic Devices

Nowadays China has become number one world exporter of personal electronic devises.

In 2010 Chinese export of personal computers amounted to almost $150 billion, which was 6 times higher compared to the United States.

Major byers of Chinese personal computers are the U.S., Hong-Kong, Netherlands, Germany and Japan.

The World's Healthiest Countries

To identify the healthiest countries in the world, Bloomberg Rankings created health scores and health-risk scores for countries with populations of at least 1 million.

The risk score was subtracted from the health score to determine the country's rank. Five-year averages, when available, were used to mitigate some of the short-term year-over-year swings.

Growing Grain Prices

Due to the worst drought in the U.S. since 1956 and unfavorable weather conditions in the Black Sea region, world grain prices jumped in July. International Grain Counsil announced that its Grains and Oilseeds Index reached all-time high on July, 20th. 

If the situation around world grain supply continue deteriorate, people in poor and developing countries can suffer from increasing food prices as food expenditures in many low income countries exceeds 30% and even 40% of final consumption expenditures.

Global Food Security Index

The Global Food Security Index, calculated by the Economist Intelligence Unit, is a composite assessment of food affordability, availability and quality across countries.
According to "The Global Food Security Index 2012" report "wealthy nations, with little surprise, perform best in the index: the US, Denmark and France hold the top three spots, followed closely by a number of northern European and Australasian countries.
High incomes, low spending on food relative to other outlays, and significant investment in agricultural research and development (R&D) put these countries at the top of the rankings. Sub-Saharan African countries are the most food insecure. Burundi, Chad and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) take the bottom three spots. Each of these countries has done little to enable food security; they do not even have enough food available to meet the daily caloric needs of everyone in the country. In the DRC, the national food supply amounts to 1,605 calories per person per day—43% below the recommended level for adults."

World Merchandise Trade

In 2009 China became the largest merchandise exporter in the world. In 2011 Chinese exports of goods accounted for more than 10% of world merchandise exports. Still comparably low labor costs and underestimated value of yuan make it more profitable to produce goods in China and import them to domestic markets all over the world.

Carpe Facto: Data and Facts for Movie Lovers

Today's post is a bit unusual because we are going to use guest visualization on our blog the first time ever. It comes from one of our enthusiastic users who chose a name Carpe Facto for himself. You could find a lot of excellent data & visualization work at his page at Knoema: Data Factoid of the day. It's a pleasure to present one of his pages today.

Movies generate income from several revenue streams including public exhibition in theaters, home video, television broadcast rights and merchandising. We have compiled data and visualizations showing trends in the movie industry in last 20 years.
This data is limited to movies in theaters. Some interesting observations are:
  • Over the years, this industry has always seen growth in revenues.
  • Last 10 years the ticket prices have almost gone up 60%
  • 20% less no. of ticket sales have been recorded since 2002, but the revenues have increased due to increased prices.