Personal Safety in the US

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, District of Columbia has the highest homicide rate amongst the U.S. states (23.3 homicides per 100 000 inhabitants). Among other most unsafe states are Louisiana (13.2), Mississippi (10.2), Alabama (9.8) and New Mexico (8.3). Most safely you can feel if you are white and you are in Minnesota or New Hampshir.

International Reserves Across Countries

Since 2006 China has become the world's largest holder of foreign exchange reserves (including gold). By the end of 2011 Chinese foreign exchange reserves increased to 3.2 trillion US$ and accounted for almost one third of foreign exchange reserves accumulated in the world. The amount of accumulated reserves allows China to pay for its imports during almost 2 years, without selling goods abroad.

Carpe Facto: Interesting facts about edible oils

These charts show characteristics of various edible oils. The most healthy oil or the only with least saturated fats is "Safflower oil" while one the other end is "Coconut oil". Smoke point is the temperature at which oil fat starts breaking down and looses both flavor and nutrition and "Avocado oil" has the highest smoke point.

Political Rights and Civil Liberties

According to the Freedom House's report "Freedom in the world 2012", 35.2% (or 2.45 billion) of people in the world are NOT free in terms of political and civil rights. Diagonal of unfree countries on the world map goes from Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba in Latin and Central America, through Central Africa and Middle East to Asian countries including China.

The United States loses competitiveness

The 2012-2013 Global Competitiveness Report from The World Economic Forum says that Switzerland has remained to be the most competitive economy since 2009. On the other side the United States has been losing its competitiveness positions after the world financial crisis. In 2012 the U.S. economy became only seventh in the ranking of competitiveness.