Topics come to Data Atlas

More than 20 topics and 1000 indicators – that’s how World Data Atlas looks today. A year ago when we launched this feature the total amount of indicators was just about 40. Now take a look at the results and test the feature by yourself.

For comfortable World Data Atlas use we changed the navigation by taking the topics out to the navigation bar of a main Atlas page as well as on each country’s page.

How it works
Everything is pretty simple. If you are interested in the cross-country statistics, pick up the needed topic from the navigation bar on the main Atlas page and then select an indicator.

As soon as you make your choice, you’ll proceed to a ranking page. Every page consists of a short description of what information it provides, a ranking table with the cross-country data for a certain period of time and 2 charts displaying top 5 and bottom 5 positions. You can explore data by clicking the exact link and filter them as you need by changing time or locations, view it as chart or a table etc. You can also share this information by embedding it onto web pages.

Switch from rankings to maps by clicking View map and explore the data on the interactive map that perfectly reviews problem and stable countries. Press Play and see how the situation has changed through time in the whole world or just in a particular region.

You can work with each country's profile in the same way. To get information concerning the exact country, go to the main Atlas page and pick up one from the countries list or use our intelligent search to find. After selecting you will be automatically forwarded to the country's profile. As soon as you pick any topic and indicator up, you'll receive full information that refers just to the exact country.

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