The fastest way to explore finance of Fortune 500 companies

Fortune 500 app powered by Knoema now opens the world of the largest America's companies for you. You won't spend much time searching and learning data - now all the key financial indicators of Fortune 500 companies are available in a few clicks.

This app allows you to find and research data on every single company out of Fortune 500 over the time on more than 20 key financial indicators such as operating revenue, operating or pre-tax income, assets, cash flow, working capital and others. To get the data simply select a company or type its name in a search box. Then select a required indicator out of the list and then choose the year or a quarter. Finally explore the results on a chart or a table.

This app can be very helpful to professional users like researchers, analysts, economists and so on as well as to regular users because it's both comprehensive and easy-to-use.

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