Give your fingers a rest, autocomplete is added to search

Knoema is getting more and more user friendly. As soon as we have massive data level and it increases day by day, we are working on improving our intelligent search. And today you can find data you are looking for even faster and easier with the help of search autocomplete.

Search autocomplete predicts a word or a phrase without actually typing it completely and use last popular Knoema queries. So it works like in Google or any other, but is based on Knoema. All autocomplete queries reflect the content of all site pages and search actions of Knoema users.
To test autocomplete go to the main Knoema page, type a country’s name or any other query and see whether you can choose a query out of the offered ones.

There's nothing new in the process of searching, but it's a new effort of Knoema to help users explore the data.

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