Import data from Google Drive to Knoema

There is no need now to be with your PC to be able to upload data to Knoema. We've added a new feature which allows you to import files straight from Google Drive. It is as easy and fast as nothing else.

Accepting the app
Click Upload data on a main page and then select Import from Google Drive.

To start importing you should grant Knoema access to your Google Drive by accepting the app. If you don’t use Google account, you’ll see the dialog box asking for the access to your email address, basic account information and Google Drive files to make sure the app will work correctly. 

As soon as you accept it you’ll get back to Dataset Upload box automatically and be able to start importing files.

Importing files from Google Drive
To upload your files click Upload data first, then go to the Import from Google Drive link. Knoema uploads most typical files in XLS or CSV format. Then select the needed file from your Google Drive. 

Knoema uploads the data from this file and performs the verification to ensure that the file is in a proper format.

On your next step type the name as a required field and any other optional information, and click submit. The upload process will take some time. After that the site will show you the upload report. As soon as the process is complete, you’ll receive an e-mail notification with the link to your uploaded dataset.

By going to the Uploads link in your Knoema account you can easily find all the uploaded files. 

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