Treemap for space-filling visualization of hierarchies

Have you ever faced the situation, when none of the data visualization tools represented in Knoema was exactly appropriate to display hierarchical data in the way you needed? We thought that over and added treemap gadget.

Treemap gives the opportunity to see patterns that would be difficult to display in other ways and let users constrain available space efficiently so numerous indicators appear on the screen intelligibly at the same time.

So before you create a treemap make sure that data you plan to visualize meet the following conditions:
- have hierarchical nesting;
- have absolute values (negative values just won't be displayed).

Budgets, national accounts, cross-country layouts perfectly fit treemap as a data visualization tool. 

Just to give you a hint how you can use treemap on your own we created couple of visualizations that cover different topics.

Case study #1. Treemap for national accounts
To create this viz we:
1. Took the OECD's quarterly national accounts dataset;
2. Picked up United Kingdom out of the location list;
3. Selected all points in subject (except the last "add." ones);
4. Specified the measure for millions of national currency, current prices, quarterly levels at Current prices;
5. Left time set by default;
6. Set location to filter, subject to rows and measure to columns;
7. Specified appearance settings and saved.
Important mention: net exports isn't displayed in here, because it has negative value.

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Case study #2. Treemap for cross-country comparison

To create another viz we:
1. Selected the 2012 Revision of World Population Prospects dataset;
2. Picked up Africa, Asia, Europe and their parts (Middle, Northern etc.);
3. Picked up total population (both sexes combined, as of 1 July) for variable, estimates - for variant;
4. Left time set by default;
5. Set up appearance and here's what we got:

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