Data viz gadget upgrades

Data visualization has an amazing ability to make the complex simple. And as soon as we provide all users, both regular and professional, with the platform for data visualization, we believe the data viz gadget itself shouldn't be complicated but highly visual, simple and easy-to-use. 

So today we invite you to have a look at our redesigned chart appearance tab and try to use it in your data viz practice.

1. Reducing the number of dropdown menus

As you might see at first sight we replaced almost all the dropdown menus with the icons. Now you can easily select the required background type, chart type, legends, markers and gridlines by selecting an icon. And as soon as you put cursor over the icon, you'll see a tooltip defining what kind of option it exactly is.

Before that you marked the required options with the tick to specify them. Now you need to press the option button and make sure it turns blue so chart changes you want come to life:

2. Designer color themes upgrades

As you might remember, not long ago we added three new color themes - juicy, fruity and bluegreen. And now juicy color theme is set by default for all charts.
Moreover, today you can apply all themes both old and new to all gadgets and pages while you are adding content or editing it simply by choosing the required theme from the theme selector:

3. Pie charts change

We have already had a post about some enhancements that concerned pie charts. Anyway there is one more. Today's announcement is about names that are displayed on a pie chart by default - we set them in bold and with shares. They can also be removed if you don't want them to be displayed.

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