Displaying hierarchy in a table

If you need a table as a data viz tool we would like you to know about an option that Knoema offers to you. It's displaying hierarchy. Though it's important to mention that it's available only if a primary dataset has the hierarchy in it.

Please take a look at our case study to get a hint how you can use this option on your own. We created two visualizations with the same data to represent how displaying hierarchy can change the perception of a table.

1. Take the 2012 Revision of World Population Prospects dataset;
2. Select Locations. We picked up World, Africa, Africa regions and separate countries (look at the table to see all locations);
3. Select Total population (both sexes combined, as of 1 July) for variable; Medium for variant;
4. Set the Time. We picked up 2013, 2050, 2100 as for Individual Members;
5. Make sure Location is set to Rows, Time to Columns, Variable and Variant to Filter;
6. Specify the appearance and don't forget to mark Display hierarchy with the tick:

Both tables are available on a full dashboard.

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