Various charts enhancements

Providing all users with the place for data visualization and visual storytelling, we are always in a constant process of upgrading our data viz tools.

And now you are about to know what chart enhancements we have recently implemented.

1. Today you can change your background type picking up out of 3 options: transparent (set by default), solid fill or gradient. You can change background color as well using around 100 available colors.

2. We also have added 3 designer color themes - juicy, fruity and bluegreen, so now 12 color themes are available to you. Please take a look at how the same visualization can look like with different color themes and background types:

Juicy color theme, solid fill background type

Fruity color theme, transparent background type

Bluegreen color theme, gradient background type

3. We have also enhanced some options that concern pie chart. First of all, now you can customize segment colors simply by clicking on an exact segment and specifying the color in appearance panel. And we also have added legends that you can locate on the top, right or bottom side of your pie chart.

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