Explore World Data Atlas in your native language

It's not a secret that users from all around the Globe have fall in love with our World Data Atlas so it's turned to be our most popular application. 

For a long time all the content of Atlas was in English. But nowadays, and it's more than just reasonably, we are on the way of making World Data Atlas multilingual. We do care that anyone could use Atlas with more comfort and profit.

Today we are glad to invite users to explore Atlas in Japanese, Chinese, French, Russian, and German

No doubt it was a great effort to make all the Atlas content available in different languages, so if you are a native speaker, please visit Atlas and check how it looks to you now. User-preferred language will be detected automatically.

Don't worry though if you still want to use Atlas in any other language - you'll be able to pick up the required one from the list that you can find at the bottom of every page. Do the same if you are not the native, but want to see how Atlas may look according to different language settings. 

And stay tuned to know what other languages we are about to support in our Atlas! More changes are coming soon!

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