Have you tried Knoema Market so far?

It's been a month since we've launched Knoema Market and it is considered to be our biggest release of the year.

You might have seen or even tried to participate in some projects at some point, though since the first day of launch and till today we haven't made any post about our brand new marketplace, so here we go.

Briefly Knoema Market is a platform where every user can earn money by participating in projects for data-driven content creation as well as find people who would work on such projects. Doesn't matter whether you have projects of data upload, data collection, or content authoring to be done, you'll get a chance to accept offers from the most interested and skilled workers. Nether to you nor to them it would cost any fee.

Once we have found the idea of such a highly tailored data marketplace very helpful for different types of users and brought Knoema Market to life, we've got a stable workflow. Never before we had such an infrastructure and we are glad that it's in favor among freelancers and project owners from all around the world.

We've actually made Knoema Market available not only via Web. If you are using Chrome as a browser, you also can install Knoema Market app from Chrome Web Store and stay in a process.

And please watch the video below where we tried to explain what Knoema Market is and how you can work with it.

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