Environment Performance Index

As per the study conducted by Yale University on environment performance, Switzerland, Latvia and Norway came up as the strongest  performers and Iraq, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan emerged as the weakest performers, for the year 2012.

EPI ranks countries based on various indicators, covering environment, human health, ecosystem vitality etc.

Most Popular Aircrafts of Europe

On average Airbus continues to dominate the commercial air carrier segment of Europe, as for the 2012 statistics. In the passenger space, Airbus tops the list followed by Boeing and Embraer.

However, Boeing maintains a clear lead in the cargo space, over other aircraft manufactures. Fresh purchase of A380 model of Airbus and 787 Dreamliner of Boeing by Emirates and Ethiad Airways is expected to boost the order books of both these manufactures.

Integrated Google Drive Picker with Data Upload Tool

As soon as we allow our users to upload their private data for analysis and visualization, we pay much attention to providing them with the comfortable tool for that and ease the process of importing data to the system.

A couple of months ago we released a feature of importing data straight from Google Drive and today we have upgraded this feature for you.

Before that when you had to upload some data to the system, you had to use our custom dialog box. But for now we have integrated standard Google Drive Picker to make data upload more usual and visually familiar to you.

Current Account Balance of Top 5 Economies

Germany and China continues to post strong current account balance surplus, while Japan and France showed weakness in their respective CAB positions. United States on the other hand, indicates a declining trend in its current account deficit.

CAB surplus posted by Germany is the result of increased exports to foreign markets, increased investments in foreign shares by risk averse investors and import reduction by focusing on domestic products.

Ease of Doing Business Across the World

Doing Business assesses country regulations applied to small- and medium-size enterprises across 10 major areas of doing business from the registration of new entity to the resolving insolvency.

Thriving small- and medium-size enterprises are one of the major drivers behind the creation of new jobs and growth of national wealth. That is why governments should provide such enterprises with prosperous environment, i.e. the rules that guarantee low transactional costs of time and money as well as predictability of economic interaction between the stakeholders.

Heatmaps in Tables

When you have to visualize large amounts of multi-dimensional data and put them into a well-suited table, it can turn into a far from easy deal until you use heatmaps.

Heatmaps are great in displaying data with multicolored cells that ease the process of getting insights. You literally can find important information and points at first sight. A regular table don't let users grasp data's meaning and see all the trends in the displayed numbers in such a simple and quick way.

How Old is European Aircraft Fleet?

As of 2011, Germany is the country with the second largest aircraft fleet in Europe and, at the same time, the oldest one: 20% of its aircraft is more than 20 years old and this share is growing: compared to previous year the share of old aircraft increased by 3% from 17% in 2010. Concerning new aircraft, its number in Germany increased over 2011 as well, but to the much lesser extent.

The same cannot be said about Turkey which is the leading country in building up new aircraft fleet: accounting for 8% of European new aircraft Turkey gained its number by 18 in 2011, becoming the top country by new aircraft growth.

African Governance Index

Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG) - is comprehensive statistical tool assessing African countries' performance in provision of public goods and services.

Consisting of 133 variables derived from 32 independent sources IIAG measures governance performance across 4 pillars: Safety and Rule of Law, Participation and Human Rights, Sustainable Economic Opportunity and Human Development. All-embracing nature of the index makes it fairly the best instrument for setting long-term political, social and economical goals concerning the African region.

Try data-driven web browsing with World Data Finder

This week we have officially released the public beta of World Data Finder - our new extension for Chrome.

By using World Data Finder, you’ll be able to get data and charts relevant to pages you visit in a single click and reduce time for fact-checking, data discovery and analysis with a simple tool.

And as Jordan Novet said about World Data Finder in his article for VentureBeat, "the browser extension could become one of the tools that helps turn the world into a more data-driven place, where decisions are influenced by what the numbers say instead of what the most influential member of the team says."

Greenhouse Gases Country Profile

It is considered that Greenhouse Gases (GHG) emissions in the atmosphere venting from anthropogenic sources are in part responsible for the global warming, which is the part of global climate change. While the fact of global warming itself still remains under discussion, the anthropogenic influence on climate cannot be rejected at list due to the fact that average temperature on Earth has increased by 0.7 degrees Celsius since the start of the Industrial Revolution.

R&D expenditures and productivity

According to endogenous growth theories, innovations is one of the key drivers of economic growth. To boost innovations and technical progress, countries spend a lot of money on Research and Development.

In most developed countries expenditures on research and development exceed 2% of GDP. And about 70-75% of R&D expenditures are covered by private business corporations.