Try data-driven web browsing with World Data Finder

This week we have officially released the public beta of World Data Finder - our new extension for Chrome.

By using World Data Finder, you’ll be able to get data and charts relevant to pages you visit in a single click and reduce time for fact-checking, data discovery and analysis with a simple tool.

And as Jordan Novet said about World Data Finder in his article for VentureBeat, "the browser extension could become one of the tools that helps turn the world into a more data-driven place, where decisions are influenced by what the numbers say instead of what the most influential member of the team says."

Get started right now - install World Data Finder from Chrome Web Store. 
Please mention: the Finder icon appears in Chrome as soon as you visit the page the extension can examine. You won't see it all the time in the omnibox.

The extension lets you display data and charts in a pop-up preview which is set by default or insert charts directly into the text. You can select the "Insert charts into text" mode in extension options by clicking on a finder icon in omnibox with the right mouse button.

And here's the examples of how the same article may look with different modes:

We've been trying hard to make the extension as good as possible and we still keep working on it. And you can help us improve the extension by marking accurate and incorrect results directly on the page whether the results were useful for you or not.

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