Heatmaps in Tables

When you have to visualize large amounts of multi-dimensional data and put them into a well-suited table, it can turn into a far from easy deal until you use heatmaps.

Heatmaps are great in displaying data with multicolored cells that ease the process of getting insights. You literally can find important information and points at first sight. A regular table don't let users grasp data's meaning and see all the trends in the displayed numbers in such a simple and quick way.

You can transform your table into even more effective data visualization if you combine heatmaps with hierarchical clustering.

How to build a heatmap table in Knoema
Start the process like if you wanted to build a regular table. Heatmap option is available in a table gadget when you specify the settings in the appearance tab.

Follow our steps below to see how we created our heatmap table:
1. First of all we selected IMF World Economic Outlook dataset;
2. On the next step we selected a number of different countries and then put dimension Country to Rows;
3. Then we selected  percent change of GDP in dimension Subject and put it to Columns;
4. We left dimension Time set by default, we just made sure it was put to Filter;
5. In the Appearance tab we checked Display hierarchy box and then went to Conditional formatting to specify heatmap options. We left one table with the settings by default and customized the ranges with different colors in the other table.

Heatmap options also let you:
  - set the number of ranges according to how many ranges the initial dataset has;
  - edit automatically created intervals by changing counts manually.

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