Integrated Google Drive Picker with Data Upload Tool

As soon as we allow our users to upload their private data for analysis and visualization, we pay much attention to providing them with the comfortable tool for that and ease the process of importing data to the system.

A couple of months ago we released a feature of importing data straight from Google Drive and today we have upgraded this feature for you.

Before that when you had to upload some data to the system, you had to use our custom dialog box. But for now we have integrated standard Google Drive Picker to make data upload more usual and visually familiar to you.

Though the entire process of uploading files from your Google Drive to Knoema remains the same: first you go to Upload Data, press Import from Google Drive and accept the app (uploading process at large is described in our past blog post). For the successful upload please mention, that Knoema accepts files in .xls, .xlsx, .csv, .tsv, .zip formats.

P.S. Ever faced any troubles while uploading files to the system? Please leave a comment to this post or drop us a line via Your feedback helps us a lot to make our service be your perfect assistant in data-driven work. Thank you!

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