Best Highlights of 2013

Thank you for being with us this entire year! 2013 was great and busy so we've collected the whole bunch of fascinating visualizations and important changes. And we invite you to recollect the best of them with us. 

This year we were trying hard to make the service useful for absolutely everyone. We do believe that data should be easily accessible and understandable both for data enthusiasts and data experts. So all the tools and all the changes that we applied this year went that way with us.

So let's review the best highlights of 2013!

Major Releases of 2013

As soon as Knoema is not just about data, but about visual storytelling, we were constantly working on improving data viz gadget adding new features, enhancements and cool options so you could build the most beautiful visualizations easily. Moreover in the very end of the year we've come up with the new Dataset Viewer to let data lovers and experts explore and visualize data on the fly. 

This year we have added topics to World Data Atlas (the biggest release of 2012) and made it multilingual so today a lot of users from all around the world can explore Atlas in their native languages. 

In 2013 we have worked on other useful data-driven applications as well. We have improved the existing apps and released a number of new ones like Fortune 500 or World Data Finder. Letting users get data and charts relevant to web pages they visit online, it actually revealed a new type of web browsing and turned out to be a new generation tool for data discovery and data analysis. And it received great attention from online press, e.g., you can check, VentureBeat or TechNorms articles.

And for those who always wanted to make money from working with data-driven content we have launched a highly tailored marketplace. So far Knoema Market turned to be the perfect platform where every user can earn money by participating in data-driven projects and find people who can work on such projects for the reward.  

Best Visualizations of 2013

Please mention: we don't rate them in this blog post, we just keep the order of their appearing during the year.

1. Democracy Index 2013 displays what countries live under democracy all over the world according to Economist Intelligence Unit's Index.

2. Automotive Industry Outlook observes the situation and tendencies of global motor-vehicles production.

3. Tax Rates Across the World explores tendencies in taxation practices across the world throughout the last  decade.

4. Space Launch History displays the rate between successful and unsuccessful launches undertaken by different countries, industry leaders, numbers of attempts and launches dynamics.

5. Global Petrol Prices shows how low gasoline can cost in producing countries in South America and Middle East in contrast with the other world.

6. Greenhouse Gases Country Profile demonstrates the countries' contribution to the global GHG emissions as well as provides background to analyze emissions by sources.

7. Europe Demographic Forecast up to 2060 presents demographic projections for European countries focusing on the zero-migration variant of forecast.

We appreciate your support, attention to our service and especially your love. This year we've received a lot of kind and respectful feedback from you. This is priceless.

We are looking forward to seeing you in 2014. Stay with us: next year will be rich with changes too.
May your holidays be full of joy and happiness! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

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