Meet Our New Dataset Viewer

Today we are pleased to announce the launch of our new Dataset Viewer. Please try it out and see how we've brought visual intelligence efforts to a completely new level.

With new Dataset Viewer you'll make sure that data analysis and data visualization aren't really hard to do if you have a handy and easy tool for that.

For now click this dataset link and you'll proceed straight to a new Dataset Viewer. But before you play with data or build a viz, let us tell you what is so amazing about it.

1. It lets you switch between a full range of available visualizations on the fly.
So you can select the most suitable visualization in a single click. Old Dataset Viewer let you see data visualized only as a chart or a table.

2. It intellectually recommends you the most appropriate visualizations.
Recommended viz types are shown on top and this choice is based on your current data selection. You only need to select particular indicators or series and it will offer a map or a ranking. So the process of creating data visualizations gets faster and easier even for those who are not quite familiar to it.

3. It's much more user-friendly.
Now while building visualizations you are able to select and change dimensions and categories, chart types, or color themes on the go. There's no need to get back to the editor gadget every single time and start the work over, so it saves the created content and your time.

4. It lets you save visualizations and export them.
All in one place without any additional jumps.

View dataset

All feedback is greatly appreciated. We take everything you tell us and this helps us to make the service even better each time. 

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