Timeline for Pie Charts

Good news for pie chart lovers! Now you can build beautiful visualizations on the go and display as much data over the time as you need: we have added timeline to pie charts.

This option now is set by default. Though you can still play with options and enable timeline so the pie chart contains multiple rings corresponding with the number of years in time selection.

So let us just give you an idea about this new option by following our simple steps.

1. Go to Dashboard builder and click Create;
2. Pick up Chart as a content type and select World Motor Vehicle Sales dataset;
3. Specify countries, indicators (we have selected Passenger cars) and time (select more then one year to display). Select pie chart from the navigation bar on the right.
And here we go - you can see a neat pie chart with the results smoothly animated over the time.

Isn't it another reason to like Knoema pie charts more?

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