Environmental Protection Expenditure in Europe

As of 2009, in the most European countries mining firms tend to spend little share of their investments on environmental protection, however, not without exceptions.

Thus, Italian mining companies are burdened with Environmental Protection Expenditure (EPE) to the greatest extent among relative firms from the other European countries spending one third of all their investments on environmental protection, and 4% of output on current EPE. Yet, only 0.4% of total Environmental Protection Investments (EPI) of Italian mining firms referred to Pollution Prevention Investments (PPI) in 2011, while Hungarian mining firms, in contrast, spent almost all (95%) their EPI on pollution prevention.

Innovation Union Scoreboard

Innovation Union Scoreboard (IUS) Index assesses 27 European countries on how do they perform in innovation sphere and its subdivisions.

By monitoring innovation progress across the EU27 member countries, as well as Iceland, Croatia, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia IUS attempts to build strong base to policy discussions and decisions at EU and national level. Measurement framework of IUS embraces in total 25 indicators serving as proxies for 8 innovation dimensions grouped into 3 pillars.

Introducing user profiles and personalization

Your own user profile in Knoema is a good chance to organize your data flow and get more opportunities for personalization.

Having your user profile leads you to a well-ordered feed and easily approachable data.

User profile is essential step for enriching your data discovery and joining Knoema's data community.

Now user profile is easily accessible whatever page you are on - we've added the link with profile picture to the main menu right after the Atlas item.

How Couples Meet and Stay Together

If you want to find your soul mate try to get a job. If you are too young to work, so attend school studiously. But if you have education degree and already have a job, that's good, go to a night club or a bar.

These are not groundless words, these are firm statistical facts. So, according to a survey of 4002 American adults conducted by researchers from Stanford University, 3 above mentioned places are the most popular ones to meet a partner. On the basis of this survey it can also be derived other interesting trends.

World Internet and Facebook Users Statistics

The Internet is defined as the worldwide interconnection of individual networks operated by government, industry, academia, and private parties. Originally the Internet served to interconnect laboratories engaged in government research, and since 1994 it has been expanded to serve millions of users and a multitude of purposes in all parts of the world.

Internet is changing all the time. Two things, in our opinion, have marked it's evolution recently: the social web and mobile technology. These two innovations have changed the way people use the Internet.

Food Security

Food security is a situation in which all people of a country at any moment of time have physical and economic access to the amount of health and nutritious food enough to keep a healthy and active lifestyle. So, it is an ideal condition to which every country should continuously tend and this tendency should be the chief aim of national agricultural and economic policy.

Since the policy should be based on something, measuring and collecting data on food security is the first step towards problem solution. On the present page you can find data and ready-made visualizations which may shed some light on the current progress of the countries in achieving the goal of food security.

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