Environmental Protection Expenditure in Europe

As of 2009, in the most European countries mining firms tend to spend little share of their investments on environmental protection, however, not without exceptions.

Thus, Italian mining companies are burdened with Environmental Protection Expenditure (EPE) to the greatest extent among relative firms from the other European countries spending one third of all their investments on environmental protection, and 4% of output on current EPE. Yet, only 0.4% of total Environmental Protection Investments (EPI) of Italian mining firms referred to Pollution Prevention Investments (PPI) in 2011, while Hungarian mining firms, in contrast, spent almost all (95%) their EPI on pollution prevention.

Big shares of PPI is also a common feature of electricity, gas and water supply subsector, especially in countries that joined EU in 2004 and 2007 years (such as Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Poland etc.), since they are characterized by high reliance on fossil fuels burning in electricity generation process. Industrial firms of these countries also tend to invest heavily in environmental protection as a whole with the purpose to meet the European environmental legislation. So, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia spend from 10 to 5 percent of their fixed capital formation on EPI, being at the first five places in the ranking by this indicator in 2009.

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