How Couples Meet and Stay Together

If you want to find your soul mate try to get a job. If you are too young to work, so attend school studiously. But if you have education degree and already have a job, that's good, go to a night club or a bar.

These are not groundless words, these are firm statistical facts. So, according to a survey of 4002 American adults conducted by researchers from Stanford University, 3 above mentioned places are the most popular ones to meet a partner. On the basis of this survey it can also be derived other interesting trends.

Thus, bold and decisive persons have more chances to meet boyfriend or girlfriend since the majority of surveyed partners had to introduce self to each other without any help from mutual friends, family or co-workers. So you should rely on yourself looking for love, since even all-powerful Internet is bad assistant in this sphere: only 5% of couples have met via the Internet. But your efforts will be fully compensated with relationships of excellent quality for at least 1-2 years.

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