Introducing user profiles and personalization

Your own user profile in Knoema is a good chance to organize your data flow and get more opportunities for personalization.

Having your user profile leads you to a well-ordered feed and easily approachable data.

User profile is essential step for enriching your data discovery and joining Knoema's data community.

Now user profile is easily accessible whatever page you are on - we've added the link with profile picture to the main menu right after the Atlas item.

1. Reach your personal data favorites fast

Any dataset, visualization or entire dashboard is available for pinning. Browse Knoema's huge data repository or data visualization gallery, pin items you are interested in the most and reach them in a single click whenever you need them again from your user profile.

Besides pinned datasets you can store and easily find all the datasets you've ever uploaded or got shared by other users.

2. Customize news feed with the topics of your interest

News feed in Knoema is your opportunity to get the latest updates on a dedicated page in your user profile. Choose what updates you want to receive, subscribe to these topics and get your personalized user feed that perfectly meets your data interests and requirements.

Many pages have "Follow" button located on a bar in top left corner. Click this button to start following a page, user or topic you liked. 

Or alternatively use ''Customize feed'' button that you can find on a Feed page. It allows following the topics or users whose work might inspire you the most straight from your profile without any additional jumps. 


3. Expose your data-driven portfolio to the public

Make your interactive dashboards, single visualizations, or presentations publicly available and turn your user profile into personal portfolio! Link your Knoema user profile to Facebook, Twitter and/or Google and reveal your data visualization skills to a broader audience. 

And finally take a look at some randomly taken profiles of our users who have made their portfolios in Knoema:

Carpe Facto

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