World Data Atlas - a single place for data discovery

We've made some amazing changes to World Data Atlas recently. 

We've merged  Dataset Browser and World Data Atlas, and now Atlas is the only destination in Knoema where you can browse and find data. 

And here's the short roundup of main opportunities you can use while working with the updated World Data Atlas.
  • Use separate Source tab with a huge collection of different sources including the World Bank, IMF, OECD and many (500+) others;
  • Use Topics tab to explore existing socioeconomic and environmental topics.
We've added the names of them to the navigation menu, as icons on the top and in the list on the page so you can choose the most suitable way to reach topics of your interest.

  • And as soon as you choose any topic, you'll be able to explore data by indicators, sources, and datasets available for this topic. 

We bet with the updated World Data Atlas you hardly get confused while finding data you need!

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