Biggest TNCs

Nestlé SA - Switzerland based company - is the company with the highest level of transnationality in the world as of 2012 with in average 97% of its assets, sales and employment being foreign. At the same time, American energy giant General Electric Co has the biggest amount of foreign assets in absolute terms.

This statistics is provided by UNCTAD (United Nation Conference on Trade and Development) who ranks the largest non-financial TNCs by their foreign assets and presents data on assets, sales and employment. In the top-100 companies by foreign assets, 22 companies are US based and account for 23% of all foreign assets of top-100 companies.
Concerning industries, 11 petroleum companies account for 20% of all foreign assets, making Petroleum industry the most transnational. TNI, the Transnationality Index, is calculated as the average of the following three ratios: foreign assets to total assets, foreign sales to total sales and foreign employment to total employment. Industry classification for companies follows the United States Standard Industrial Classification as used by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Acronyms of industry names are presented on the bottom of the page.

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