Quality of Life in the EU

If you are asked a question: "Are you satisfied with your life?", what would you think about first of all? Would it be your health, relations with family and friends, income, future prospects, education level or job? Or maybe none of these things matter for your life satisfaction and you are just "singing in the rain, dancing in the rain"?

Actually, all of the mentioned things as well as many other, including overall experience of life, influence people's life satisfaction, which have got close attention in recent time among policymakers and academics.

Today it is agreed, that life satisfaction is important complement to the traditional measures of quality of life, such as GDP per capita. To fully catch the quality of life, economic wealth should be considered simultaneously with social and environmental well-being, which jointly define "gross global happiness". Dashboard below presents a set of indicators from Eurostat and Eurofound measuring the quality of life in the EU.

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