Stay up-to-date with data releases with our new service

How many times you felt like you are lost in an overloaded data world? We bet a lot. So many different sources from all around the world publish their datasets on a regular basis: monthly, quarterly, annually and so on. That's just confusing. We thought the situation over and created Data Bulletin - a handy service that can turn into your ultimate news source on data publications.

For now you can follow Data Bulletin on Twitter or join it on Facebook and get daily updates in your user feed. Or alternatively you can subscribe to a mailing list and receive a digest with all the data updates once a week.

We just start working on Data Bulletin, though it's already receiving positive feedback. In the future we are planning to improve it and make it even more interesting and comfortable for your use (like you'll be able to choose what updates you want to receive and select exact topics of your interest or sources). Stay tuned! 

And please find below some latest data releases and updated datasets for the past week.

Check the entire digest here.

If you have any comments on how the digest should look or if you come up with any other suggestion please drop us a line in comments to this post.

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