World's Billionaires Wealth vs Countries' GDP

According to the Forbes, aggregate wealth of 1645 world's billionaires, which totals in $6.4 trillion as of March 2014, is bigger than Japanese GDP - third in the world's GDP ranking with the value of $6 trillion. So, wealth of 0.00002% of world's population account for 9% of the world's GDP ($72 trillion as of 2012).

The richest person on the planet is Bill Gates, whose net worth ($76 bln.) is bigger than GDP of 120 countries and is equivalent to the GDP of Syrian Arab Republic.

United States is the most favorable country for rich people accounting for 30% (or 492 persons) of all world's billionaires and 36% (or $2.3 trillions) of their aggregate wealth, what is approximately the same as the GDP of Brazil and constitutes 14% of the US GDP. The next 5 countries by the number of billionaires are China (152), Russia (111), Germany (85), Brazil (65) and India (56), 3 of which are also the biggest countries by total population (China, India, Brazil).

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