Air Traffic Between Airports of Germany and Their Partner Airports

Dashboard presents detailed data on air transport by reporting country (namely, Germany) and routes which includes: passengers on board (arrivals, departures and total), passengers carried (arrivals, departures and total), passenger commercial air flights (arrival, departures and total) and seats available (arrival, departures and total).

The data is presented at monthly, quarterly and annual level.

Passengers on board are all passengers on board of the aircraft upon landing at the reporting airport or at taking off from the reporting airport. All revenue and non-revenue passengers on board of an aircraft during a flight stage. Includes direct transit passengers (counted at arrivals and departures).

Passengers carried are all passengers on a particular flight (with one flight number) counted once only and not repeatedly on each individual stage of that flight. All revenue and non-revenue passengers whose journey begins or terminates at the reporting airport and transfer passengers joining or leaving the flight at the reporting airport. Excludes direct transit passengers.

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