Find data faster and easier with our improved search

Providing an ultimate data discovery tool for our users remains one of our primary objectives. We believe that Knoema can be a #1 destination for data and data-driven content on the Web.

We have collected more than 150M time series on various topics in a single place and provide a very convenient search engine on the top of a huge data repository.

And below you can find what kind of improvements we have added lately to our search to make your data discovery easier and faster.

1. Search results got highly visual

Explore search results in details instantly with interactive previews without any additional clicks - all previews are expanded and already opened. 

Timeseries of the same topic with just one variant dimension get grouped into one line chart or a ranking for a better and more informative review. For example, if you are interested in data for electricity consumption in Japan, you will also get results for electricity concumption in other countries on a same ranking, but not on several separate graphs for Japan and others. 

And finally, enjoy a truly responsive experience while browsing the ocean of data in Knoema with infinite scroll. Now you can explore even more content as it is loaded automatically without loosing time on pages preload.

2. Intelligent search filters

In addition to a set of standard filters like "Everything", "Datasets", "Pages", "Presentations" and "Data" we add a number of custom filters that appear in compliance with your query. They are all dynamic and appear according to existing data for specific queries. For example, if you search for data on "United States GDP", additional filters will be "United States of America" and "GDP".

Region filter is set by default so you need to turn it off to see results not only for the required region. 

Data filter now contains additional subfilters like "Source" with a list of different sources, "Frequency" with an opportunity to choose annual, quarterly and monthly data and "Data Depth" with options of Any, Long series only and With forecast.

3. Autocorrection

It's hard to avoid spelling mistakes sometimes. Or you can type your query fast and put letters in a wrong order and miss one letter or another. But now it won't keep you from getting data in Knoema because we've added new fast spelling correction algorithm. And what is more important it will consider several alternatives for one misspelled result.   

And finally, in comparison with the last search version search speed is way faster, which is a vital advantage in the online data discovery.

Try our improved search now to have a firsthand knowledge and enhance your data discovery. And don't forget to give us your feedback! 

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