Sharing your content is now a bit easier

We have made some changes in how content is shared in Knoema and have taken this entire process to a completely new level. Quick sharing makes working in Knoema easier, better, and faster. And we bet you'll be surprised to learn about new features.

1. Share content straight from Dataset Viewer

If you want to share, let's say, an intermediate result of your content from Dataset Viewer it's not even necessary to save the work that has been done. When you generate a link using social bar on the left, a draft with the exact data selection gets saved as a snapshot captured at the moment of creation. For example, take a look here.

2. Share your private content with non-registered Knoema users

Now we allow you to share your private content even with those who are not registered in Knoema. All you need is to generate a unique link using social bar or via sharing options. This link would have an accesskey in it so anyone with this link would be able to review your content.

3. Share your content via email / social networks / social bar

Under sharing options we offer you to invite people via email or Facebook/Twitter/Google and grant them different access levels allowing them to read, edit, or even get full control over the content. 

Or alternatively you can use a social bar on the left to generate a unique link or use your email client to spread the content among your email list. 

We do believe that your content is worth sharing. And we also know that you will welcome these changes. Create, share, discuss data - we've made this process more easier and comfortable for you to enjoy your data-driven work. 

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