Discover World in 2020

We are happy to introduce the World in 2020, the newest advanced data product from Knoema, to you.
Learn at a glance which sources have proven most reliable over time in projections for particular indicators you are most interested in for a country or region. The World in 2020 accuracy tool automatically calculates the mean average error for projections for you to facilitate your forecast data selection.

We all know the value of forecasts, here today, gone tomorrow with unexpected market crashes, fallen governments, and natural disasters. And, yet, we all need a basis from which to plan, assess risk, and establish a common dialogue. With this in mind, Knoema set out to create a comprehensive data resource on the future of the world's development.

Save yourself time digging for the latest reports from the world’s leading international economic agencies. Step outside your comfort zone to explore projections for other measures of growth and development that could provide unexpected insights for your next proposal.
World in 2020 covers all countries worldwide and more than 70 indicators to enable decision making. For country-indicator pairings with available data, World in 2020 allows you to select and instantly visualize any forecast timeline from 2015 to 2020. With a single click, you can also directly explore any dataset of interest from the visualization.
* Please note that the World In 2020 requires the premium access. Try South Korea and the Consumer Price Index for free.

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