New Beautiful Rankings in the World Data Atlas

Ranking is one of the main methods to visualize data in Knoema, allowing you to visually compare countries, regions and other items using a selected indicator.

Rankings of countries and regions appeared in the very first version of the World Data Atlas in 2013, and to date, their appearance has not changed. We decided to update their appearance, and to add new functionality.

Further, let's consider the changes in more detail:

  • Updated design using lighter colors and a thinner type had made the World Data Atlas more pleasant and comprehensible for the user's perception;
  • Combining tables and rankings, we obtained a ranking table for easy analysis and viewing of data in one place;
  • The column headings became clickable - by clicking on one of them, you'll get a ranking for the selected date.

Similar functionality is now available in the dashboards. Any ranking can easily be converted into a ranking table by including the "Display as table" option.

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