The Best Jobs and the Best Cities for Jobs in the US and the UK

It is not only an employer who makes a choice between applicants when hiring, but an employee as well may have his own preferences towards employers. And while wage is generally the key criteria, place of work, occupation, company's image, job's future potential and other factors also make sense.

Highest paying jobs, such as medicine, petroleum engineering, marketing, and law, as well as the fastest growing ones, like wind turbine service or anesthesiology are pretty well known, at least in the United States, due to statistical data from Bureau of Labor Statistics and other agencies. But qualitative criteria, such as job satisfaction, are much less covered by statistical data, and survey of employees is one of the sources this data could be extracted from.

One of such surveys, conducted by Glassdoor, assesses satisfaction rating for each job and uses it as one of the factors in addition to annual salary and number of job openings to rank occupations and identify the best of them. According to the 2017 ranking, the best job in the U.S. is Data Scientist, though it is not the highest paid one, while the highest paid physicians have one of the lowest job satisfaction rating.

Not only job itself matters for working people, but also its effect on life, which mostly depends on the city. The relation between job and life can be estimated by work-life balance, cost of living, and competition among employees or, in other words, hiring opportunity. By adding these factors to average job satisfaction rating in each city, Glassdoor ranks the cities to define the most favorable ones for jobs.

According to this ranking, San Jose is the best city for jobs in the U.S., followed by San Francisco, Salt Lake City, and Boston. Still, all of these 4 cities have high competition on the labor market and high cost of living.

Of course, this is far not the full set of criteria people considering moving to another city take into account. Safety seems to be another important factor. Thus, the tenth best for jobs Detroit has the 15th world's highest crime level while San Francisco is on the third place in the US by the number of terrorist attacks.

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